What We Do

Digital Services

We work with a variety of online channels ranging from social media and search engines to emailers, to get the best results for you. This includes research, strategy formulation, strategy execution, and analytics to make sure your marketing budgets get the maximum returns with the most cost-effective approach. Marketing and Human Resources benefit the most from our services in this domain.


Marketing is moving away from a ‘push-based’ system to a system where brands need to be a part of the ‘Buyer’s Journey’ – right from attracting strangers to the brand all the way to converting them into Brand Ambassadors. We work on developing messaging, marketing communications, collateral developments and overarching strategizing to enable clients to utilise creative and effective marketing solutions for their business needs. Key areas of focus cover:

  • Social media marketing- content, strategy, operations, campaign management and analytics.
  • SEO and SEM- offsite optimization, content strategy, campaign management adwords management, and analytics.
  • Email marketing- content, strategy, campaign management, newsletters and analytics. 

Human Resources

Our in depth knowledge of HR allows us to ‘get’ what your plans are and craft digital interventions that help meet stated objectives. We hit the ground running. Each initiative is conceptualised, branded and rolled out across the organisation not unlike any product launch. Key areas of focus cover:

  • Social media for talent attraction and retention 
  • Internal communications (employee emailers, newsletters and collaterals).

Content Creation

Content is what we believe makes the world go round. Accurate, timely, topical and authentic content grabs attention, mindshare and positive vibes about the brand. It is simply too important to be ‘outsourced’ to an agency. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to craft content that meets their objectives.

Our content creation engine has been applauded by our clients (and their clients). Whether it’s static content for social media posts, presentations, sales collaterals, case studies, infographics or dynamic content such as video and animation, we have got you covered.

Crisp, creative and aesthetically pleasing content designed to give your brand the edge that needs is all we want to do when it comes to content.


Great products always have a great ‘story’ behind them. We focus on bringing out the stories in your products to your end customers through our capabilities in content, storyboarding and visualisation expertise. Right from brand conceptualisation and positioning, brand development to creating brand loyalty – Pebblestream offers a host of options for our clients to fully unlock the power of their brands.

Online Offline Integration

Online and offline are 2 sides of the Brand Story ‘Coin’. We help you with the integration of online and offline through our Trusted Channel Partners in many related areas such as event management, website development, videography and cutting edge graphic design. What you see is a translation of what you hand in mind as a living, breathing event taking place in front of you.

Google SEM

Whether online or offline, it’s important to be ‘found’. A business that is not found when its services are needed will need to work that much harder to ensure that it gets back into the race and closes the lead. Our solutions help you with a head-start is getting found for your products and services at the right moment.

Our proven SEM solutions involve a closely tracked, transparent and effective system to ensure that advertising spends are targeted efficiently and even feeds back into your website and social media content – thus completing the triad of content amplification requirements.

Google Analytics

We’ve always believed that your website is your online hub for all activities with your other digital assets acting as spokes. But how can you make sure that this Hub and Spoke Model is working and that all your channels are being optimally utilised to tell your story and sell your services? That’s where Google Analytics comes into the picture.

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We help our clients make sense of the changing digital landscape by using disruptive marketing tools to realise business success. Our clients partner with us to leverage the growing potential of digital transformation to create a truly future enabled business.

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