Simplifying Digital Branding using social media

Simplify social media

Are you a small business owner who has a social media strategy but does not have the time to pursue it? If your answer to this question is ‘Yes’, you are not alone.

At PebbleStream, we’ve spoken to many, many customers and clients of various sizes in different industries through our two year long journey as a digital branding agency in Bengaluru.

Here’s what we’ve heard “I don’t have the time for my own social media!”; or, “I’ve created the strategy, the posts and even know what I should be writing for my blogs! But then the next client meeting alert pops up and I don’t get the time to go back to my digital branding project”, “I wish social media posting was simpler” and the classic “You expect me to have a social media strategy when I can barely keep my head above water?!”

We understand.

As a growing company ourselves, we too, are sometimes hard pressed to be active online while bring in the money to pay our bills offline. But it must be done. Here’s why:

Digital branding is about consistency

Digital branding is akin to gardening. There are no shortcuts. Only consistent, long term and focused efforts will yield results. So hang in there and don’t give up even if your efforts don’t seem to be appreciated/noticed. It will all add up.

Digital branding is about listening

Imagine someone walking into a room full of people. Hen opens the door, says something and then disappears. He does not listen to anyone and neither does he involve himself with the discussion. Weird – isn’t it? Now imagine he does this consistently. Would he be taken seriously? He wouldn’t. He’d actually be considered a nuisance and blocked from entering the room altogether.

Sadly, this happens a lot online. People walk in, throw something into the content ecosystem and then run off. There is very little engagement to hear from people and participate in discussions that pertain to the business and the brand.

The result is an uninterested audience that really could not care what your brand says.

Digital branding is about engagement

Would it not be way better if the brand puts out information consistently, but also stops by and participates actively in communities and discussion groups pertaining to the spaces where relevant content is seen?

Engagement refers to the simple act of listening and responding to feedback, queries and any other requests for information from the people who would read this content. Engagement needs to happen not only at a brand level but also at a post level. Do you have people constantly liking/sharing/retweeting and commenting on your posts? Engage with her in a one to one messaging system or even a phone call. Do you believe that a brand has been putting out some great content consistently? Let them know! These simple acts will build your brand better than any elaborate but unexecuted plan will.

Digital branding is about simplification

Branding is a vast subject. Any MBA graduate will tell you that. But focusing on what matters will help you cut the clutter and understand what levers to pull and what buttons to push to get maximum effect for minimum effort.

Look at your posts for a 4 week period and see what posts have done well. What posts have been shared/liked/commented and retweeted. Have any posts to your brand brought in a personal message to your social media inbox that you need to engage with? Make a list of the engagements that have happened using a pencil and paper. Then spend half an hour treating this as a ‘to do list’. Simplify.

We hope these tips have helped you.

Please stay tuned for many more such tips from PebbleStream Digital where we use our knowledge and experiences to make your life simple.