The ONE THING for digital marketing success

We came across an article about digital marketing recently. What set this article apart from all the others on the internet was the statement that “Digital marketing is merely marketing in a digital world”. So what’s so special about this?

To put it simply, quite a lot!

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been at the forefront of some exciting digital projects for our clients. We’ve had the honor of serving clients in the education, food and beverage, healthcare and entertainment verticals. These verticals are very different from each other. Even within clients from one vertical, there are many dissimilarities.

One key facet ‘binds them’ together like the proverbial One Ring of Power from LOTR – the Power of Integrating Online and Offline.

Digital marketing is slowly but surely evolving from a standalone activity into a powerful tool that is used to amplify offline activities. Offline activities are feeding back into online channels in a way that’s never been seen before. Look at all the ads, the infographics and the videos on one social media platform like Facebook and you’ll see what we are talking about. They are not just centered only on online activity – they are an amalgam of the two.

So what does it take? What would be the line items on a thing to do list for a campaign designer/creator to deploy the One Thing?

  1. Online and Offline are two sides of the same marketing coin
  2. Ensure that online and offline teams are at the same table and working in tandem. Everyday.
  3. Create a culture where campaigns are created with thoughts from both teams giving their ideas from the very start.
  4. Offline goes online : Bring in a discipline of team members who handle offline presence for the brand, balance their offline activities with both a personal and brand specific online presence. Do your Sales Team members have up to date LinkedIn profiles for themselves? Is your brand active on the social media platforms that matter for your business?
  5. Online goes offline : Online team members need to ‘get out in the wild and see for themselves how their plans unfold and pan out in the ‘real world’. Does this mean that your Digital Marketing Manager should attend that conference where your products are being showcased? Absolutely!
  6. Don’t let a social media platform restrict your imagination and possibilities. We’ve seen cases where social media platforms influence what a client does (or does not) do. To modify what Pt. Nehru once said : Find purpose. The means (social media platform) will follow.
  7. Create ‘sandboxes’ for your teams to put in their ideas. Create challenges that are thrown by one team to the other.

Following these best practices will ensure a cross-pollination of ideas. You will end up seeing a far more vibrant, wholesome and holistic result that is way, way more than the sum of its parts.

We hope this blog post has set you thinking about ‘what next’ for your marketing team. We’d love to hear from you.